Main classification of PVC extruder

- Jan 25, 2018-

PVC extruder divided hard and soft two kinds of RPVC tube, is the PVC resin and stabilizer, lubricant and other auxiliaries mixed by granulation after the molding machine, can also use a powder extrusion molding.

RPVC tube resistance to chemical corrosion and insulation good main transportation of various fluids and used as wire casing, RPVC Tauis cutting, welding, bonding, heating can be bent so that the installation is very convenient.

The SPVC tube is made by the addition of PVC resin to a large amount of plasticizer and a quantitative stabilizer and other auxiliaries after granulation. SPVC tubing has excellent chemical stability, excellent electrical insulation and good softness and coloring. This kind of tube is used to replace the rubber tube for conveying liquid and corrosive medium also used as cable casing and wire insulation pipe.