Single screw plastic extruder features!

- Jan 25, 2018-

1. Single screw granulator with dense refining, delivery, feeding, extrusion, air-cooled hot grains, wind cooling in one, to achieve automatic continuous operation, such a single screw pelletizing machine production efficiency is high;
2. Single screw granulator with dense refining, feeding and extrusion section according to customers choose to use electric heating or steam heating or hot oil cycling heating technology, should its temperature control requirements, according to the different materials to be produced, the requirements of the temperature is not the same.
3. The mixer adopts the technique of "four-edge synchronous wear-resisting mixing room", which has high efficiency, low energy consumption, full plasticizing and uniform dispersion.
4. The feeding device adopts the unique technology of the company, which can be used for auxiliary mixing of mixed materials, and forced feeding of single screw extruder to improve granulation efficiency and quality;
5. Double cone screw and single screw drive are used AC frequency conversion technology, can adapt to a variety of technology requirements;
6. The front part of the head adopts hydraulic quick change net device, saves time and effort, and environmental protection;
7. The granulating machine adopts rotary cutter plate and fine tuning device to carry out air-cooled heat-type hot grains;
8. The particles are cooled by cyclone separator conveying and drum type cooler or disc vibrating screen;
9. The electronic control system adopts plc, visual interface and frequency conversion technology to realize the whole process automation control.