Technical specification for extrusion process of PVC pipe

- Jan 25, 2018-

1. Raw material selection, PVC resin type more, should choose suitable for extrusion molding resin.
2. Raw materials should be put into operation in the oven in 70~80℃ drying to wet treatment of 4h, control water content under 0.1%.
3. The plasticizing material is in the melt state, the extruder barrel temperature is the feeding section 150~165℃, the plasticizing section 165~180℃, the homogenization section 170~180℃.
4. The Molding tube billet uses the mold temperature to be 175~190℃.
5. The draft ratio is 1~1.2.
6. Cooling molding with circulating water temperature of 15~22℃.