How To Pick The Right Car Mats

- Jan 25, 2018-

Safety Anti-skid is the most important part of the car to buy, the material face is too smooth, resulting in a large radian movement, the bottom of no granular or adsorption function caused the pad to move to block the brakes or throttle, affecting driving safety. Environmental health is also very important, poor quality of the foot mat with a kind of material odor, summer temperature rise emits a pungent taste, will change color, or winter temperature drops appear product hardening and so on, to the owner's health.

In addition, the automobile foot mat manufacturer's product purchase also needs to have certain waterproof cleanness, can effectively block the moisture from the soles, and in the cleaning, after flushing can quickly continue to use, but also include the economic wear-resistant foot pads, noise damping, dust pollution, aesthetic comfort and so on.