PE Pipe Production Line Plasticizing Temperature

- Jan 25, 2018-

PE material Plastic Zone temperature control in the 170~1900c, the control of the vacuum degree is an important process index, if the vacuum degree is low, will affect the exhaust effect, resulting in the tube in the bubble, seriously reduce the mechanical properties of the pipe, in order to make the material inside the gas easily escape, Should control the material in this section plasticizing degree can not be too high, at the same time also often clean exhaust pipe to avoid obstruction, barrel vacuum is generally 0.08~0.09mpa.

The barrel temperature of the solid conveying area is generally controlled in 100~1400c, if the feeding temperature is too low, the solid conveying area is prolonged, the length of plastic zone and melt conveying area of PE pipe production line is reduced, which will cause bad plasticizing and affect product quality.