PPR Pipe Production Line Basic Classification

- Jan 25, 2018-

PPR Pipe production line through-time enhancement tube: outer Two-layer plastic extrusion molding, made of the middle of a synthetic fiber, flexibility is good, can bend, PPR pipe production line transparent tube with good acid, alkali, oil, anti-aging performance, can replace the rubber tube, and cheap, widely used in nitrogen, oxygen, carbon monoxide and other gases and water , dilute alkali, oil and other liquid transport, can also be used as water heaters, sprayers, gas stoves and other catheters.

PPR Pipe production line radial reinforced pipe: the production of this pipe using special molds and molding follow-up device, is a heavy-duty large-caliber steel ring-shaped glass pipe, characterized by the tube outside the wall with radial reinforcement, can greatly improve the tube ring stiffness and compressive strength of the role, particularly applicable to municipal engineering drainage.