Principle Of Single Screw Extruder

- Jan 25, 2018-

The last thread of the material mouth starts to call the conveying section material, in this request cannot plasticizing, but to preheat, by squeeze, the old extrusion theory that the material here is loose body, and later by proving that the material here is actually a solid plug, which means that the material is squeezed after a solid like a stopper, so as long as the completion of the transport task is its function.

The second paragraph is called the compressed section, when the size of the spiral is gradually smaller, and the temperature to achieve material plasticizing degree, where the compression from the conveyor section three, compressed to one here, this is called screw compression than--3:1, and some machines have changed, the completion of the plastic material into the third paragraph.

The third paragraph is the measurement section, where the material to maintain plasticizing temperature, just like metering pump as accurate, quantitative transport of melt materials to supply the nose, at this time temperature can not be lower than the plasticizing temperature, generally slightly higher.