PVC Pipe Extrusion Machine Boot

- Jan 25, 2018-

Pre-operation and precautions for PVC,PE tubing extruder:
(1) Used for extrusion molding of plastics, raw materials should meet the required drying requirements, if necessary for further drying, and sift the raw material to remove caking aggregates and mechanical impurities.
(2) Check the production line of water, electrical and gas systems are normal, to ensure that water, gas road unimpeded, not leakage, the electrical system is normal, heating system, temperature control, a variety of instruments are reliable work, the production line auxiliary machine empty low-speed commissioning, observation of the equipment is working normally; Start the setting table vacuum pump, observe whether the work is normal Lubrication in various lubricating parts of the equipment, such as trouble shooting in time.
(3) the head and sizing sleeve. According to the product variety, size, choose good nose specifications, in order to install the nose.