Safety Rules For Pile-filling Machines

- Jan 25, 2018-

1. This machine only uses the doll cotton, cotton, wool, bonded and so on short fibers to comb.

2. Before the boot should check the mechanical conveyor belt on whether there are sundries and other items, and timely cleaning, the machine every week on the internal gear and sprocket, bearing filling lubricants.

3. Before starting the machine, the first to start the exhaust fan, check the exhaust fan is indeed a ventilation effect, the machine switch box Green Start press the button, the machine starts without exception, will turn the switch to 1 position, observe the feed belt forward direction should be toward the machine inside, If the opposite should press the red stop press the Twist report the mechanic adjusts to the correct feeding direction.

4. Machine normal idling 15 seconds before the feed belt on the upper layer of fiber cotton, feeding thickness must be less than 6CM, lest affect the carding effect of fiber cotton, in the feeding machine out of the pipe fiber cotton can be sent out to normal work.

5. Work end of the order: to be sent to the cotton fiber after all, will turn the switch to the middle O position, and then the Red stop button of the electric box press, to the machine completely down after the fan stop button press.