Use Of Polypropylene For Plastic Extruder

- Jan 25, 2018-

Polypropylene is a rapid development of the general resin, plastic extruder due to its excellent performance, so the use is very wide, from industrial accessories to daily plastic products, from packaging supplies to braided fiber, can be produced with polypropylene plastic.

From the economic point of view and the nature of polypropylene, it is suitable for the manufacture of automotive industrial accessories, medium load bearing components, sealing plate, etc., due to its outstanding dielectric properties, has become an electrical industry and communications industry components indispensable materials. Polypropylene products, can be used for steam disinfection, suitable for medical equipment.

Drawing Grade poly-poly, can make brushes, carpets, artificial turf, rope, etc., in recent years, plastic woven cloth Wind FEI nationwide, promoting the application of polypropylene increasingly broad.

Polypropylene can be extruded pipe, bar, sheet and plate. Polypropylene film has a high transparency and good tenacity, widely used in clothing packaging and pharmaceutical packaging, polypropylene as the main body of polypropylene composite Polypropylene composite film is known as the "packaging queen" reputation in the world.