Professional Car Mat Equipment

Professional Car Mat Equipment

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The wire ring pad is a car mat that has gradually emerged since 2008. The surface is a silky surface layer, which is then made by glue or hot melt. Compared with the traditional leather foot pad and cloth foot pad, the wire ring foot pad can be cut and formed by the owner himself, and the cleaning is convenient, and it is not easy to cause a musty smell in the car. Therefore, in recent years, the wire ring foot pad has come. The more you are loved by the owners.

The advantages of the wire ring pad are: strong suction capacity, long-term maintenance of the car, suitable for all seasons

Used together. Moreover, the cleaning of the wire ring is very simple. When washing the car, it can be washed with a water gun.

The wire structure of the wire ring pad can effectively control the inside of the floor mat with dust and dirt, so the wire ring foot pad has strong suction ability. Moreover, the wire ring pads are not prone to slipping problems, and laying the wire ring pads in the car gives a high-grade feeling.


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