D51 D52 D53 Ring Machine

D51 D52 D53 Ring Machine

The ring rolling is a plastic processing process in which the ring member is subjected to continuous local plastic deformation by means of a ring rolling machine, thereby achieving wall thickness reduction, diameter expansion, and section profile forming. The process is suitable for the production of ring-shaped mechanical parts of various shapes and sizes, such as bearing rings, ring gears, flanges, hubs, thin-walled tubular parts, wind power flanges, high neck flanges and other seamless ring forgings. Ring products are widely used in machinery, automobiles, trains, ships, petrochemicals, aviation, aerospace, atomic energy, wind power and many other industrial fields. The material of the ring member is usually carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, titanium alloy, copper alloy, aluminum alloy, cobalt alloy, nickel base alloy, high temperature alloy and the like.

Product Details

1 The equipment has a small tonnage and a large processing range. The forming process of the annulus is the accumulation of continuous small deformation of local pressure, and the contact area between the workpiece and the mold is small, so the required deformation force is small, and the tonnage of the equipment is small.

2 material utilization is high. The cross-sectional shape of the ring rolling is closer to the finished product, and the machining allowance is small.

3 product quality is good. The metal fibers of the rolling ring are continuously distributed in the circumferential direction, which is compatible with the force and wear of the parts. In most cases, the internal structure of the rolling ring is dense, the grain is fine, and the comprehensive mechanical properties are significantly higher than those of other methods.

4 Good working conditions and high productivity. Ring rolling is similar to static rolling, basically no impact, vibration, low noise, easy to operate, high degree of mechanization and automation, and labor intensity is greatly reduced.

5 production costs are low. Compared with free forging, the material consumption is low, energy consumption is low, comprehensive production cost is low, and it has good economic benefits.

6 Now the largest grinding ring machine in China is D53K-12000, which can roll 50 tons of ring parts, and the outer circle can reach 12000mm.

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